Fine Hair strokes

This method is perfect for this wanting a fine, natural and fluffy looking brow. If you are wanting to enhance your natural features and create a better shape and structure to your face. We simply place small fine strokes throughout the brow using a small blade. This procedure takes approximately 90-120 minutes.

120 Minutes £375.00

· Retinols or harsh exfoliators such as glycolic acids or salicylic acids including topical and oral capsules one week before

· Discontinue the use of sunbeds one week before treatment

· Avoid excessive Alcohol or caffeine on the day of treatment

· Discontinue the use of Roaccutane 6 months prior to treatment

· Discontinue the use of Lymecycline 4 weeks prior to treatment

· Discontinue taking Anti-Biotics or Steroids one week prior to treatment

· Discontinue the use of skin thinning cream, gel, or lotion one week prior to treatment

· Arrive without make up or fake tan on the area being treated

blade and shade 2
blade and shade 1

TO HELP THE AREA HEAL you must DAB the area with lukewarm water using a cotton pad. Once dry gently apply a pea size of AFTER INKED balm to the area using a cotton bud and repeat this procedure every morning and night.
WHEN WASHING YOUR FACE please ensure you go around the area and to not splash the face with water or products.
KEEP HAIR AWAY from the area to prevent possibly infection.
SOME ITCHING IS NORMAL. Do not pick peel or rub the brow as the colour may heal unevenly and you could rick infection, which in turn could lead to scarring. Allow the colour to flake away by itself.
NO FACIALS. Do not receive any facial beauty treatments for 10 days after procedure
NO MAKE UP should be applied closely to the brow area for 3 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my brows be red post procedure?
Is there anything i need to avoid post procedure?
Will my brows scab over during the healing phase?
How old do you have to be for this procedure?

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