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A Manicure and Pedicure is a beauty treatment which uses special tools, creams, waxes and / or massage techniques to leave your nails and hands healthy and looking good. Here at Vanilla Pod Beauty, we take pride in our beauty treatments, so manicures are no exception as we use only the finest quality products with all our clients. We ensure all our staff are trained to the highest standards with long term experience.

Basic Manicure £35.00
Deluxe Manicure £45.00
Express Gel Polish £30.00
Gel Removal £15.00 (if originally done at Vanilla Pod, discounted to £10)
+Nail Art £8
+ French Tip £5
What is a manicure good for?

A manicure is good for improving the texture and health of both your fingernails and the skin of your hands, as well as leaving them looking polished and perfect.

Apart from making sure your hands and nails feel and look amazing, a manicure often has the side-effect of relaxing you; there are pressure points on your hands that correspond to other areas of your body.

What to expect from a manicure?

A manicure is usually very soothing. It can be nice to have someone touch your hands and nails, especially if the manicurist uses hand-massage techniques to relax you. You will probably be one-on-one with the manicurist, who should tell you what she is going to do and check to see if you have any queries or concerns. A manicurist will usually dress your nails with your choice of nail colour.

A good manicure can:

Clean, shape, strengthen, paint, and decorate your nails

Attend to any skin problems you might have around the nail, such as broken or sore skin

Use acupressure or hand-massage techniques to stimulate the blood and lymph flow to improve the health of your skin

Use oils, creams and waxes to exfoliate, cleanse and improve the texture of your nails and the skin of your hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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